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Stockton Personal Injury Attorney Explains Technology’s Role in Proving Negligence

Videos from dashboard cameras have surged in social media as a fascinating look at the moment of an accident – like watching a train wreck, it’s impossible to look away! They also have been entertaining insights into the behavior of other people, such as individuals jumping in front of a vehicle to try to extort money from a driver. If you’ve been in a car accidents, the video from the dash cams can be the proof you need to prove fault and fight for compensation. Make sure to speak with a Stockton personal injury attorney about your case. California law has permitted private individuals to install dash cams in their vehicles since 2011, but there are restrictions.

California Restrictions


  • Video recording devices must be kept outside of airbag range.
  • There are three specific locations on the dashboard where cameras are permitted and a maximum area in these locations that the camera may
    • An area in the lower right corner of 7 by 7 inches
    • An area in the lower left corner of 5 by 5 inches
    • An area in the upper left corner of 5 by 5 inches


  • There are relatively strict limits on the amount of information that can be collected by video recording devices mounted to a dashboard.
  • Must be a digital loop of video and/or sound
  • May collect speed, seatbelt use, steering wheel manipulation and brake usage
  • Video and sound capture are activated and recorded in response to unusual or sudden movement. The driver can also manually activate the recording function.
  • The device may not keep data longer than thirty seconds before and after the triggering event.
  • The device must be able to capture audio data as well as visual


  • Under California law, an individual with a video recording mounted on their dashboard must have a notice visibly posted in their car so passengers may be made aware of a possible privacy issue.


  • The data recorded is property of the owner of the car
  • Drivers are permitted to turn the device off at any time

Dashboard Camera Uses

There are many reasons an individual may want to install a camera to the front of their car. Though mostly thought of as a defensive precaution, some individuals may use it to monitor their own driving behavior and to improve. This is certainly the case for some companies with a fleet of drivers as it can limit damage and decrease costs.

In California, rates of car accidents are down 80% in vehicles with a recording device installed. Knowing there is a device that can record your behavior and in fact does keep records of unusual driving can have a strong psychological effect, even if it’s not noticed. Being watched, even if it’s not by a human, can make individuals want to perform better or more responsibly.

Dashboard cameras also have had a great impact on proving fault in accidents. It is often very difficult to sort out exactly who did what after an accident – the only proof is often damage and witness statements, and it’s difficult to get quality reports or confident interpretations of damage. With a dashboard camera, it’s very clear exactly what has occurred. In the cases of hit and runs, information from the recording can help track down the other individual involved, who can then face charges even if the incident is not deemed to be their fault. Speak with a Stockton personal injury attorney to learn more about how dashcams can prove liability in your case.

An individual also may be interested in using their dashboard camera to record interactions with police. Though the camera should be fairly visible, and there should be a sign posted within an individual’s vehicle, it is a good idea to notify the police officer of the presence of the camera. There are certain laws that require transparency when a conversation is being recorded, especially if an individual would not normally expect it to be recorded.

A stranger and more rare occurrence is insurance fraud by pedestrians. Sometimes, pedestrians will jump in front of a moving vehicle and feign injury in order to gain financial compensation. This seems to be much more common in countries such as Russia and China. If a vehicle is installed with a camera, it can quickly resolve a very complicated issue.

Examples of Dashboard Videos

In the following video, a dashboard camera captures an attempt at insurance fraud in China:

The following video takes place during a busy region of a highway where many vehicles are merging and changing lanes. A vehicle tries to cut in front of our driver and swipes the front of the car. Though the offending driver exits his vehicle, he is only interested in inspecting damage to his car before driving away! Too bad for him and very good for our driver, his license plate is in clear view in the video.

Speak With A Stockton Personal Injury Attorney About Your Accident

Dash cams are useful for many reasons. The most important is proving liability in a car accident case. If you’ve been injured, speak with our Stockton personal injury attorney about your case We offer free consultation and there is never a fee unless we win.


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