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Stockton Dog Bite Injury LawyerThere are millions of dog owners in America and for the most part, dogs serve as pets and companions but can also provide security for their owners and families, which could potentially have repercussions. In California, if a dog attacks or bites a person that is on public property or is lawfully on private property, the dog owners are liable for the injury. Strict liability means the owner is responsible for the actions of their dog, even if the owner is not aware of the dog’s tendencies to aggression.

It also doesn’t matter if you did everything you could to restrain your dog or to protect the public from the dog like putting up fences and signs. The few exceptions in which you would not be liable is if a trespasser, someone who is on your property without your permission, a veterinarian who’s treating your dog or someone who provokes the dog such as hitting it with her hand or stick is bitten by your dog.

Because California has strict liability, if you have been bitten by a dog and it does not fall under one of the exceptions, you will be entitled to legal compensation. Even if the person handling the dog is not the dog’s owner, they may still be liable for your injuries if they are aware of previous dangerous actions from the dog or if they are negligent while taking care of the dog.

Make sure to contact an experienced attorney in Stockton, CA who can ensure you get compensated the way you deserve. As a dog owner, it is important you have an understanding of when and how the laws may make you responsible and liable for injuries and damages caused by your dog and how you may be able to protect yourself from financial ruin if your dog bites someone.

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