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Slip, Trip & Fall Injury Accidents

Personal Injury Attorney Stockton

Slip & FallsSlip and fall accidents are the most common kind of personal injury lawsuits and they are the second leading cause of injury in the entire country. A slip and fall accident occurs when you trip over or slip on something and then fall and injure yourself and if this occurs on someone else’s property, you may be entitled to compensations. These types of falls can occur because of problems with water, grease, ice or food on a walking surface but can also occur from a poorly maintained walking surface such as broken floorboards or crumbling steps.

Slip and fall accidents, sometimes referred to as trip and fall, step and fall or stump and fall accidents, affect over one million people each year. Out of the one million, around 17,000 people die so it is important that if you find yourself in a slip and fall accident, you contact an experienced attorney who can make sure you get compensated for your injuries.

In the state of California, the property owner (or tenant) is responsible for preventing the slip and fall and avoiding injuries.

It is their responsibility to keep the property safe and if they fail to do so, you will be compensated for any injuries you have but keep in mind, each party has some degree of responsibility.

When a person slips and falls, their case will usually be in a category called premise liability, meaning that someone is injured on another person’s property and because that person owns or maintains such property, that person may be held liable for damages. The person injured has to show that he or she exercised reasonable care when walking on dangerous surface and the property owner has to show that he or she took reasonable care to keep the property safe. One of the most important things to do to win a case like this is to get enough convincing evidence.

California courts will look at the comparative liability of each party and calculate how much the property owner must pay in damages or compensation of the injured party and how much of the cost the injured party will have to bear.

If you are injured in a slip and fall accident in CA, you can be entitled to compensation for:

  • medical bills for treatment
  • any future earnings loss due to your injury
  • the cost of hiring someone to do household chores if you’re unable to do them
  • the repair or replacement of any property that was damaged or
  • destroyed when you fell
  • emotional distress as a result of the accident
  • and any other costs that you’ve incurred because of the accident

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